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Master Class


Daniel Rama

a fluid Vinyasa Flow with the "Flying Nomad"

Do you also feel tired sometimes?

Are you tired of the physical rush, the high tempo of the city, or the intensity of things? Not being able to spare some time for yourself; stopping and slowing down. Maybe you're tired of the tasks and roles you've taken on yourself?

Now is the time to rest, rejuvenate and take care of yourself.
Now is the time to quit making too much effort.
Now is the time to loosen the molds that seem just a little too real.
Now is the time to shift down from constantly doing something.

The heart rests spontaneously as the mind opens to a conscious and compassionate awareness. On this journey, while working on the principles of conscious awareness, you come,

and let your heart rest.





Deniz is the founder of Yogatime studio and leading teacher of the teacher trainings here. Since 1998, meditation is in her life and since 2004 she is practicing yoga and has a three-years of history in tai chi chuan before that. Yoga is way of life and way of being.
With the conscious that everything is related on the path, she invites her students to be here and now. As yoga reflected its healing and transformative power in her life, she completed her TT in 2019 with Zeynep Aksoy and started teaching yoga and share her knowledge and experience. Since that day, she had opportunites to practice with many great teachers like Erich Schiffmann, Paul Grilley, Dechen Thurman and Seane Corn. She also got trainings of Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga, Kids yoga. But her focus is mainly on free form vinyasa flows and also with reflection of her training with Liz Koch over 100 hours, she also holds somatic works on psoas and central body.
Deniz has a daughter and currently she gives her weekly classes at Yogatime and leading Teacher Trainings along with therapeutic works on psoas and deep tissue, teaches reiki and meditation. She continues her teachings also in the application named Meditation app, the very first meditation application launched in Turkish.

About The Class

(60 min.)

Experience an uplifting fusion of modern functional movement and elements of traditional hatha yoga. This 60-minute Master Class will leave you feeling inspired, refreshed and ready to take on the rest of your day. All levels are welcome to attend!

The class will be online through Zoom and the price is 20$.



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