Power Up!

Challenge. Realize. Achieve.

April 30 -

May 3 2020


We are in Kabak again, to end the winter, to move, to work with great teachers!

Four days with Alex, Taner and Can in the valley, with surprises from Dream!

Taner will prepare you for the day with vinyasa flows, Alex will tire and entertain you with functional movement classes and Can will soften you with yin yoga classes. Your job is to lose yourself in the flow and relax, celebrating being alive and waking up.

Four fairy-tale days in Kabak is waiting for you, join us!

Kabak awaits us with guests walking around the valley with mats, rushing between courses to swim; laughter at the dining table, the well-deserved savasanas, seeing what you can do, being surprised, relaxing, getting excited and loving life!

Turan Hill Lounge

Turan Hill Lounge is a magical "natural living" camping that has been in service for 17 years as the first camp of Kabak Valley.

You will feel you're in a fairytale house with its warm décor, white cushioned terraces, and wild flowers.

Turan Hill is waiting for you with its magnificent dishes and flavors that you can enjoy under the vines.

For detailed information: turanhilllounge.com

With Who?
  • Alex Nino

    Alex has been coaching professionally for over 14 years and has been guided by many exceptional practitioners including Ido Portal, Coach Sommer and Miguel Santana.

    Utilising everything a human already has to develop in strength and flexibility, Alex believes that there are underlying movement principles that can help all practitioners move effectively and efficiently.

    In his workshops you will learn how to use the mind, breath and body in ways aligned to natural movement. You will learn how to prepare the body to move better for longevity and reduce the risk of injury in all types of movement practice.

    Through his simple and quality focussed approach, Alex instils confidence and self belief in his clients with his extensive knowledge and coaching skills.
    Suitable for all levels.

  • Taner Uncu

    Born in 1979 and following many years practicing various sports and martial arts, Taner came across yoga in 2011. Following his 200 hrs. TT with Deniz Bağan and Celen Arıman, he practiced with many internationally celebrated teachers.


    Through 2015 to 2016, he completed 120 hrs beginner to advanced vinyasa flow training with one the most important teachers of vinyasa style; Nicole Ohme. In 2018, he completed 30 hrs yin yoga for yoga teachers training with Devrim Akkaya. Today he is leading 200 hrs hatha yoga TT programs and advanced level vinyasa yoga modules mostly in Istanbul, also in different cities.

  • Can Bora

    Curious about human body and its potential since childhood, Can started Ashtanga Yoga and soon Kundalini yoga during his education of theater at Sorbonne Nouvelle University in Paris. His passion for yoga grew as he worked on psychosomatic techniques like Skinner Release, Facial Therapy, Craniosacral, Axis Syllabus. Can perceives yoga as a fundamental tool for one to understand himself and his environment. He is teaching different programs like Tao Vinyasa, Micro Asanas and also leading 200 hrs Yin teacher Training at Cihangir Yoga with Saylan Yılmaz.

    Also as founder of “berika”, theater and dance community, he pursues his artistic passion both in Istanbul and in the international arena. Following his award winning performance named ALTAR; this year DreamBazaar will premiere.















Vinyasa Flow - Taner 

Yin Yoga - Can

Back Bends - Alex

Strengthen Your Center! - Taner

Dynamic Expansion with

Yin Yoga- Can

Hip Openers - Taner

Handstands - Alex

Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra - Can

Entry to Chaos - Alex

Power Up!
Apr 30, 10:00 AM
Kabak Valley
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