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//Josh Kramer

August 28-30 2020

Strengthen your practice with Josh Kramer!

With //Masterclass, Josh invites you to five different classes for the weekend. 
Get ready for a different weekend with an intense content, with deep and long work on strength, technique and self-confidence. Josh will be with us with his impressive lessons where we will study the poses in detail and concentrate on and observe the sensations as well as alignment!

With Who?
Josh Kramer

“Yoga has been with me since I was a child growing up in Africa. It is my passion in life to share its many gifts with the world.”

Josh is an International Yoga teacher, born and raised in Zimbabwe, he spent the latter half of his life in Auckland, New Zealand. Josh is now based in California and travels around the world sharing his passion for Yoga.

Josh has been practicing Yoga since he was a young child and teaching since his late teens. His style melds a unique blend of Iyengar Yoga and Vinyasa flow - he emphasizes alignment and integrity in the poses, whilst challenging students with creativity and strength.

With a passion for all things about handstand, Josh provides students with a unique opportunity to get off their feet and onto their hands where they will build the strength, technique and confidence to hold a beautifully straight handstand.

In addition to Yoga, Josh works as a Humanitarian professional, supporting the implementation of programs in developing countries with the vision of achieving a sustainable world free from poverty and injustice. He has worked with countries across Africa, Asia and the Pacific.


//Masterclass (90’)

A fun and challenging Yoga flow with plenty of playtime and pose breakdowns. You will have freedom to modify based on your individual level. Come along, have fun, and enjoy working up a sweat on your mat!

Workshop 1: Handstand Essentials (2 hours)

This workshop explores the secrets to unlocking handstands and arm balances - particularly, the elusive straight handstand.

You will build your knowledge and understanding around anatomy, as well as develop essential skills and tools to condition and train your handstand.

This session is perfect for absolute beginners looking to build the confidence to get off their feet, advanced practitioners looking to refine and hone their handstand ability, as well as teachers looking to expand their teaching experience and learn hands on approaches to working with students. Come along and have fun getting upside down!



Workshop 2: Handstands and Arm Balances: Beyond The Wall (2 hours)

This workshop is intended to be fluid and flexible based on individual needs: a great follow on from the the initial Handstand Workshop, as well as a solid stand alone session. We will implement the skills, techniques and drills covered, as well as spend time exploring a range of handstand transitions, arm balances, and any topics of interest you hope to learn! It’s all fun here, and the perfect environment to get confident on your hands.

//Yin Masterclass (90’)

This class will focus on Yin Yoga. It is the perfect session to unwind, relax and deeply work into the connective tissue, fascia, bones and ligaments. Whether you are new to Yin, or regularly practice it, you will learn a great deal about anatomy and why Yin should be a regular component of your Yoga practice.

Workshop 3: Full Body Strength (2 hours)


This workshop explores the components that make up strength when it comes to Yoga and movement. It will cover aspects such as shoulder stability, core strength, and explore effective training methods to unlock and condition full body strength. You will have fun working together to learn new ways of training your body and tapping into new potential.

Advayta Yoga

Advayta Bomonti is a living space set out to create a change of understanding in a good perception of life.

Founder Yeliz Altınışık, yoga mind Zeynep Aksoy and team leader of Advayta Wellbeing team Ulli Allmendinger brought together years of professional experience in creating this field.

Advayta Bomonti’s general concept was developed as a guide, coming from ancient teachings dating back thousands of years, and recent scientific studies. The source of a good and qualified life is based on the bond that one establishes with himself. Starting from the first moment you step into the studio, Advayta Bomonti has been designed to help you establish this connection .

//Masterclass //Josh Kramer
Aug 28, 6:00 PM
Advayta Bomonti
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