Together in Nature

We're on the mats, they're in the forest!

April 4-5 2020


We have so much to learn from children!

For the weekends we organized with Patika School in Sapanca, we prepared a program for mothers to spend some time alone and also to be with their children in nature.
Attention: This program is for children 6 years and older.

While we practice yoga with the mothers, children will spend time in nature with our Patika School instructor. They will discover the art of a snail in its shell, friendship among trees, stories hidden in the clouds, footprints on a path and most importantly, discover themselves in nature.

We will also have activities together. We invite you to nature, to mother earth. If you want to spend a breath taking, enjoyable and fun weekend, meet us at Zelish Farm!

Ezgi İdemen Hazar

Ezgi was born in 1993 in Eskişehir. She graduated from Uludağ University Classroom Teaching Department in 2016. In the same year, she started working as a class teacher at TED Eskişehir College.

She settled in Sapanca because of her interest in nature sports such as rock climbing and mountaineering and her time in nature gave birth to the idea of combining education and nature.

Now she is taking the Orman School leadership training and works with children in nature, and is also involved in a number of studies as a Change Ambassador in the Teacher Network.

Zelish Farm

Located in Sapanca, Zelish Farm has silence, nature and a peaceful environment. Far from the noise of the city, each season in a beautiful nature, located at an altitude of 500 meters, with fresh mountain air and a magnificent lake view, Zeliş Farm will be our host.

The family-run farm has a natural atmosphere; talks and friendships that will make you feel like you've come home. Sometimes you will find yourself sitting by the fireplace, sometimes chatting in a sweet corner of the farm or reading a book against the wondrous landscape.


In Zelish Farm, amazing flavors are waiting for us with breakfast and dozens of different Turkish appetizers prepared with completely organic vegetables. The silence, the colors, the scent of the fruit trees and the most beautiful scenes of nature await you in this wondrous place!


After arriving at the farm and settling in our rooms, we start the weekend by getting rid of the tiredness of the road with a nice breakfast. As we move to the first yoga class with the mothers, Patika School takes children to meet nature. They will have a pleasant time getting to know the trees and learning what is happening in nature. Then we will meet with them again. In the afternoon we will have activities together and after Zelish's magnificent food, we will have a fire circle in the evening and spend time together with our children.

On Sunday morning the children will continue their adventures in nature, while we will move on to the mats again. In a vinyasa class where breathing and movement flow together, we will start the day with yoga. After Zelish's famous breakfast, we will spend as much time on the farm as we want.

A nice weekend, in nature, with our children…

What changes are possible in two days? Let's explore together!

Together in Nature
Apr 04, 9:00 AM
Zeliş's Farm
We're on mats, they're in nature!
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