Conversing with Wood

A meditative Sunday with wood.

2 Şubat 2020

Would you like to spend a Sunday talking to wood?

We'll learn to listen first. Where has this piece of wood grown, what has it gone through, what kind of structure has it?


Then we will start talking to the wood. When it allows us, we will move together. Sometimes it won't, and then we'll learn to hear what the wood wants.

As we learn to hear what the wood wants, we will look at ourselves, learning something new, see what we resist, what happens when we let go.

The wood will tell us and we will express ourselves in it. Let us explore our creativity together in a transformative time in Balat.


Ayhan Tomak is a Turkish painter and wood sculptor, born in Antakya-Turkey in 1970. His artistic side has developed here from very early childhood and learned/practiced wood carving first with the help of local masters.

After 2006, he showcased his works in a number of national & international exhibitions and workshops including Eskisehir International Wood Carving Symposium, Turkey-2015 to 2018, Helsinki, Wood Carving Workshop-2017, Symposium International De Sculpture Sur Bois De Libreville, Gabon-2013, Eastwood Arts Festival and Maltby’s Creative Mill, Nottingham – 2013 & 2014, SOFA Sculpture Objects and Functional Arts-New York-2011, Spirits of Arts, La Galleria Pall Mall, London-2011, Art Expo 2011 İstanbul and Helsinki International Artists Association Group Exhibition- 2008 & 2009.

His work includes indoor mural paintings (Wandgemälde), reliefs, and wooden sculptures. Ayhan also designed illustrations for various newspapers and magazines, book and CD covers. He created reliefs and sculptures for TV series and cinema movies.

Ayhan continues working in his own studios in Istanbul and Catalca, a forest village in Tekirdag.


We start the day with coffee. We pass through the colorful streets of Balat to Ayhan Tomak Atelier, where Ayhan starts the course by telling us about the nature and structure of the trees.

After choosing the wood we want to work with, we set off for the first lesson. We follow the grain to form lines and to reveal our first shapes. We'll have a break after the first part, which will take about two hours.

After the break, we'll do a short meditation together before moving back to work. We will remember to approach new experiences with our breath and awareness.

And on the second time we face our work, we will discover our creative power that comes with this awareness.

Çocuklar için Ahşap Atölyesi
Mar 14, 12:00 PM
Ayhan Tomak Atölye
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