Experiencial Learning Program with Horses

Let horses tell you about yourself!

July 19 2020


Today we will spend time with the horses. We will observe our reactions to real situations in our relationship with horses. Sometimes we will share our observations with the horse on stage and sometimes we'll observe as spectators.
In this workshop, we will look at how we communicate with life, how we pay attention to our own needs, the needs of those around us and how much we try to understand.

Most of the time, we will see our shields that we use to avoid feeling weak, not giving out, and not revealing our fears. Because it is impossible for us to communicate with horses without taking down these shields. Needless to say, it's not easy to take down our shields, it takes courage.
Horses help us most with this kind of relationship they have with us. When you face the horse, the horse will show you how friendly, cordial, spooky or unreliable energy you are giving out.

In their relationships with people, horses do not react according to their position or the power they have. They react according to their body language, energy and intention. If you are in doubt, if you are not sure what you are doing or where you want to go, the horses will ignore you. When they feel that they can build a trustworthy relationship and realize that you are committed, they will start to move with you.

In this event where horses will offer you an amazing experience, be prepared for the horses to tell you about yourself with their power and elegance, compassion and boundaries!

With Who?

Aydin has a masters degree in Organisational Behaviour - Human Resources. Having spent 25 years in executive positions in various multinational companies, Aydin is now the Leadchange representative in Istanbul, covering Turkey and that region.

Based on his own executive experiences, his primary motivation is to hold the space for people to experience how vast the land of possibilities is. Aydin developed his EFL through studying both in the UK, USA and Turkey and now delivers a strong blend experiential coaching backed up by his considerable commercial business experience.

In addition he is a consultant on re-structuring, sales, marketing and business development. He has level 1 & 2 certification on Animal Assisted Interventions from Amsterdam Autism Academy, which has been a magnificent opportunity to learn how much horses can help “us all” heal and heal in all means. He has two books -published in Turkish- “Free Spirit” and “Horse – The Human Whisperer”. 

Gocmen Ranch Club


Göçmen Ranch Club, located in Zekeriyaköy, was opened to meet the milk needs of Historical Sarıyer Muhallebicisi founded by Hacı Şakir Göçmen in 1928 and was brought to its present state in 1977 as a result of the work of his sons.

There is a natural pond in the farm which is planned as an animal grazing area and pasture in 250 acres of land.

Also farm has hundreds of cattle and sheep, various poultry, deer, llama, ostrich, flamingo, various pheasant, crane, cameron sheep, dwarf goats, purebred kangal dogs that protect flocks.

For detailed information: gocmenranch.com


At the beginning of the program, while explaining why these studies are conducted with horses, we will learn about cognitive, behavioral, biological and neuroscientific processes that direct human behavior. Afterwards, the participants will experience the processes and dynamics we learned as both the practitioner and observer roles with the horses.

No experience with horses is required to participate in our programs. Participants will not ride at any stage of the program and will perform the duties assigned to them by the trainer.

We will do exercises to discover how we can communicate what we want to do to a creature with which we do not speak the same language, something that is much bigger, more powerful, faster than us. This may be the first time we're approaching to such an animal.  We will even go through ground exercises without tying the horses with rope or halter.

Experiential Learning Program with Horses
Jul 19, 10:00 AM
Göçmen’s Ranch
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